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Motel confidential 1967 - 5 - College confidential usc questions

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A motel or motor lodge is a hotel designed for motorists and usually has a parking area for motor vehiclesentering dictionaries after world war ii the word motel coined as a portmanteau contraction of motor hotel originates from the milestone motel of san luis obispo california now called the motel inn of san luis obispo which was built in 1925.

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stephen c apostolof february 25 1928 in burgas bulgaria august 14 2005 in mesa arizona sometimes credited under aliases ac stephens or robert lee was a bulgarianamerican filmmaker specializing in lowbudget exploitation and erotic films who gained a cult following for a wide variety of films that range from erotic horror orgy of the dead and suburban expos233 suburbia.

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Studio oddities list these bootlegs focus on and contain rare studio materiala lot of it has been officially released since they came outwhipping post a spinoff from the apocrypha box is listed under apocrypha confidential wasp man has hornets wings.